How to create your own SSRS card?

As part of the BI project I'm currently working on, I needed to render my data on a map of several gold countries on visual studio, we found that the map of the United States, so how to do for other countries?

Here is a solution to create our own personalized map.

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Conditioning the visibility of SSRS columns

In this article, I'm going to show you a real-life example of using the visibility property (Visibility) of the column in SSRS.

Visibility property of the column is used to show or hide the column in the report. Now, in this article, we can use this property to allow users to select the columns they want to display in a report instead of all the columns.

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In this article we will see how to use ADOMD to interact with an Analysis Services cube.

ADOMD.NET is an extension of ADO.NET. It's a data provider Microsoft .NET Framework that is designed to communicate with Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services.

Using this extension, we can read the multidimensional schema, query cubes, and retrieve results.

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