Dynamic management of SSAS partitions - part 2

Here we are in the 2th part of this article where there is less blah blah but more practice (putting our hands in the leg !!)

In this part, I will explain the step by step operations to create the cube partitions in a dynamic way.

  • Step 1 :

First, prepare the test data, for that, we will work with the database and the cube AdventureWorksDW, you can download the sources as well as the deployment scripts from the links below:

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Set up a lookup

The use of a parameterized query in a lookup makes it possible to lighten the cached data, especially in the case of iterative processing, and that we do not need to load all the data in the cache.

Even if the lookup component does not offer the possibility of using variables but it does have the property SqlCommand which allows to specify the lookup request and which can be configured.

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Run an SSRS subscription with SSIS

A quick post to see how to launch an SSRS subscription from SSIS.

It can be used as in my case for example to send by mail a report on the execution status of an SSIS package. Of course after inserting the logs of this package in a table, create a restitution report of these logs as well as a subscription which sends the report by email.

So how?

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