Feedback (MCSE BI)

Last week, I passed my final exam to acquire the MCSE BI, I want to share with you this feedback especially on my preparation for all exams, it is not a strict guideline of course, but it just what was best for me.

The MCSE certification consists of passing 5 separate exams: the first 3 give you the MCSA SQL Server certification:

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We always talk about STG and ODS in BI archi, so what is the role of these two phases in a BI archi?

- STG (Staging Area): is a set of tables that represent a true copy of the data source and are purged each time the ETL is run: it is a waiting area, a "boarding room" before the ODS phase; it is in these tables that we can find data in odd formats.

- ODS (Operating Data Store): is the place where the transformations, the crossings, ... etc; before feeding the datawarehouse and using as source the STG.

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