Set up a lookup

The use of a parameterized query in a lookup makes it possible to lighten the cached data, especially in the case of iterative processing, and that we do not need to load all the data in the cache.

Even if the lookup component does not offer the possibility of using variables but it does have the property SqlCommand which allows to specify the lookup request and which can be configured.

Take the example of a lookup that loads the list of customers against a specific type of customer stored in a project parameter, for this we modify the expression in the property SqlCommand exposed at the data flow (DFT) level, as shown above:

We have a first window where we can configure our lookup with the property SqlCommand. Then, click on the three points.

A new window opens to allow us to create the parameterized query.

Since the expression editor expects text, we have to convert our parameter to a character string.


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